Zipline Mont Tremblant

Similar to the world class operations that Ziptrek runs in its other permanent locations the goal in Mont Tremblant is to deliver an aerial adventure that will thrill and inspire guests from the world over. The guided tours will consist of a series of distinct ziplines that will zip guests down and across the famed Mont Tremblant Mountain, while providing the opportunity to take in some breathtaking views form various vantage points along the journey. As is the case with all Ziptrek’s permanent locations, the tours will include a sustainability education component that is delivered by the guides and adapted to the local environment and ecology.

Designed for virtually all ages, this amazing tour will offer guests an incredible opportunity to experience the Mountain in a whole new way. Set to take visitors from the top of Mont Tremblant all the way back to the village, Ziptrek Tremblant is destined to be one of the most spectacular zipline courses in the world!

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