Our Story


Ziptrek is a must-do, multi award-winning adventure ecotourism business renowned for delivering awareness and appreciation of the natural environment along with a healthy dose of ziplining adventure.

The company was founded in 2001 in Whistler, Canada by Charles Steele and David Udow, with a goal to provide a unique experience combining nature-based learning with a rush of adrenaline. The original operation began in Whistler, BC, Canada with the first tours running in the summer of 2002, becoming the first zipline tour in North America. In 2009, Ziptrek opened its 2nd permanent location in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Opening in June 2014, Ziptrek Tremblant became the 3rd permanent location in the family. Since then, Ziptrek Tremblant has already established itself as the premier outdoor activity in resort, and has already been awarded the "Contribution to Economic Development Award" from the Mont-Tremblant Chamber of Commerce at the annual "Concours Excellence" event. Ziptrek recently received their 2nd Chamber Award in successive years, capturing the "Most Eco Responsible Company" award.

On Ziptrek tours you enjoy an unforgettable opportunity to explore, learn and delight in the thrill of an aerial adventure in natural environments that lend themselves perfectly to an enlightening ecological curriculum.

With Media coverage from around the globe from all our locations – stemming from exposure in 100’s of TV shows, and countless magazine and newspaper features, the operation has been showcased to millions, and Ziptrek's brand identity and reputation has subsequently grown as a result. 

How we built it

Ziptrek Ecotours was created to facilitate learning about sustainability and is designed to illustrate related principles whenever possible. Where some companies clear a swath of forest between the ends of their ziplines, Ziptrek meticulously plans the routes of all their ziplines to minimize the impacts to trees and the surrounding area.

Unlike our other 2 locations, where the ziplines are often anchored into actual trees (done in way that doesn't harm the growth of the trees), Ziptrek Tremblant's lines are of such great length and magnitude that steel structures were erected in order to safely support them. Naturally rot resistant woods were then used to build associated decks, railings, and platforms, which allows us to eliminate the routine use of chemicals. Ziptrek also uses solar panels to harness energy to run some of its systems on course.

In addition to being environmentally conscious in our chosen materials on course, our purchase decisions are also centered around being environmentally aware by ensuring responsible options are chosen where possible, with all marketing material and collateral being printed on recycled paper using vegetable based inks.

While on Tour

Ziptrek delivers an eco-adventure that combines a personal guided zipline journey offering sustainable education in a receptive and engaging environment creating lasting memories.

This represents our approach to our operation, it shows that we are educating our guests in environmental matters as well as giving them a great experience. These elements go hand in hand and support each other; the engaging environment of the ziplines within the forest support the idea of sustainability and create an environment where guests want to support sustainable thinking to ensure these natural settings are protected and sustained.

Ziptrek Ecotours model was based on a fundamental education theory. We teach a systems thinking model of sustainability based on peer reviewed science called ‘The Natural Step’. While our guests are challenging themselves and enjoying the spectacular views of the surrounding area while zipping through the trees, we think there is opportunity to learn and be inspired by the natural systems exemplified around them.

Through a considered delivery, we have interpretation boards and guides that support a story of place that brings meaning to the world around them. We show what happens in nature (natural system), what Ziptrek does within this context, and what we can all do towards impacting the conditions at large.

In fact we encourage you to see what is said about us, our interpretative story and our levels of service through popular social sites such as Tripadvisor.

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